Our mission:

Criminals make billions of dollars creating and selling counterfeit drugs around the world, and those products make it to the United States. They duplicate the exact packaging, look and taste of the actual product. They can be difficult to spot, but spotting them is important. Counterfeit drugs can be a death sentence for patients who end up taking them. Counterfeit drugs deny patients treatment that can alleviate suffering and save lives, promote drug-resistant strains of disease, and can cause dangerous or deadly reactions to undeclared drug ingredients.

We are committed to the safety of prescription drugs and protecting consumers from counterfeit, substandard or unsafe drugs.

We follow a set of principles to support quality assurance programs and establish an uncompromising drug distribution system. It is our hope that through these guidelines we can reduce the amount of counterfeit drugs that defraud patients and deny them therapies that can alleviate suffering and save lives.

Our principles include:
Fight Counterfeit Medicines
Securing and protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain
We are committed and dedicated to protecting the safety of consumers. Our goal is for all consumers to be aware that counterfeit drugs exist, are not safe, and together we can take steps to avoid them.

We work with patient advocacy groups and consumer groups to raise awareness of counterfeit drugs in the United States and to teach patients and medical professionals how to buy drugs safely and affordably without risking their lives when dealing with counterfeit drug sellers. dangerous and unlicensed.